Calls to reopen Western Australia before Christmas – Mark McGowan rejects

WA closed until xmas

West Australian premier Mark McGowan rejected calls to open the state in time for Christmas to the rest of the country. He has given an insight into what life could be like in Western Australia when the border is opened and COVID-19 enters the state. McGowan said he would set a date in a few months for Western Australia to reach an 80-90 per cent vaccination rate by the time the border opens.

The interview comes as the state has launched a new advertising campaign to boost vaccination rates. As of Tuesday, 60.6 per cent of West Australians aged 16 and over had at least one dose and 42.3 per cent had been fully vaccinated. McGowan said he hoped the campaign would combat complacency and that despite the states’ Covid-free status, people would not get the urgency of the jab. 

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