Elvis Presleys granddaughter causes a stir on social media

elvis presley

Elvis Presley’s granddaughter Riley Keough has caused a stir on social media after fans spotted incredible details in a new photo. Riley, the late Rock Star’s granddaughter, shared a picture on Instagram of herself leaning against the edge of a marble bath while a small child plays in the water.   

It’s easy to overlook the features of the 32-year-old’s daring dress, which left many stunned. But a closer look at the ensemble reveals that her frock is actually held together by her earrings. Eagle-eyed social media users have spotted a strap attached to the underside of the hoop on her right earring.   

Credit: RileyKeough/Instagram

Riley Riley tagged celebrity stylist Jamie Mizrahi in the post, leading some to believe that the photos were taken from an upcoming shoot. Others found humour in the impractical dress for a child at bath time.

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